Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen - Color-Changing Lipsticks

Lipstick Queen - Color-Changing Lipsticks


Morning Sunshine (Peachy Coral)
Hello Sailor (Sheer Blackberry)
Frog Prince (Rosebud Pink)
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Write your own happy ending with this all-natural, unique-to-you lipstick.  Its formula magically adapts to your pH and skin tone for the most kissable shades of rosebud pink, peachy coral, or sheer blackberry.  No princes, sailors, or early bird needed!  Check out the rest of our Lipstick Queen selection here and here.

Frog Prince turns into Rosebud Pink
Hello Sailor becomes Sheer Blackberry
Morning Sunshine goes on Peachy Coral
Vitamin E and Moisturizing Shea Butter soothe and protect
Emerald green, cool blue, and pale yellow lipsticks transform on contact with lips

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