Treat Your Feet! Pedicure Discounts, Free Bounce-Back Cash and Springtime Shoes.

Jane Stringham

Posted on April 04 2019

Treat Your Feet! Pedicure Discounts, Free Bounce-Back Cash and Springtime Shoes.


Give us spring! Give us stripes, give us denim, give us all the delicate details, and — most of all — give us a reason to treat our feet!

The corners of your body that have been in hibernation all winter long are about to make a showing, so we want to help you put your best shoulder, toe and wardrobe forward. Here’s how: 


        Step 1
        : Stop by Hip & Humble's “Treat Your Feet” event all day on Saturday, April 13 for the latest in spring footwear and fashions.

        Step 2: Get gussied up with a discount card to our favorite pedicure spot, Nailed! free with your purchase of spring shoes from H&H.

        Step 3: Put your newly-beautified feet up on your kitchen table, right next to some springtime blooms from Western Gardens!

        Step 4: Take a mini shopping spree with H&H Bounce-Back Cash: get 10$ with the purchase of 1 pair of shoes, 20$ with 2 pairs!



        Brielle and Ashley, two true blue H&H gals, will show you how it’s done. Watch our valiant models take on three outfit changes and get ready for spring as they wander the aisles, nooks, crannies and all of the magical — even zen! — corners of Western Gardens.



        We love Western Gardens because they’re another local biz who caters specifically to Utah-based clientele. Just like we curate our fashion offerings for Utah’s specific climate and landscape, so too does Western Garden offer a wealth of plant knowledge and seasonal flora and fauna that pair perfectly with this unique mountain desert we call home.



        Whether it’s fashion or florals, between Western Gardens and H&H, we have you covered.

        Here’s a quick preview of what’s available at our Treat Your Feet Event on Saturday, April 13:



         If you love the look of strappy sandals but hate to fiddle with pesky buckles, then the Tamsyn is for you! Wide leather velcro fasteners wrap around your ankle for a modified t-strap style.



         Keep things simple with the Alanis. A deep marine sheen makes this otherwise classic sandal just a bit more fancy.



        Sporty Spice would approve. Mix with feminine accessories or full-on denim — either way, a lug wedge sole and color-blocked blues add an athleisure feel to this vintage-chic lace-up sandal by Fly London.



        All right, we'll bite: low-platform shiny wedges make us hungry for spring! An adjustable strap buckles at the front of your ankle for a ballerina-meets-Zenon kind of look, and full grain straps cross at the toe on this comfortable leather sandal by Fly London.



        Come try these pretties on next Saturday, April 13, from 10 am - 7 pm at both Bountiful and SLC Hip & Humble locations. Remember: free H&H Bounce-back Cash and discount pedicure cards with purchase!



        Treat your feet — you deserve it! Love, Brielle, Ashley and the ladies of H&H.

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