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Spring Cleaning with Hip & Humble

Posted by Sheridan Mordue on

As the seasons begin to change, here at Hip & Humble we take our cue from Coco Chanel: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”  Per Chanel’s advice, our Butter London Lippy becomes lady-war paint; and H&H springtime sweaters become the armor we don to tackle our bloated day-planners.  We have a feeling that one item on your ever-expanding to-do list reads “get a jump on spring cleaning.”  It’s on ours, too!  And we believe that clean, bright spaces inspire the creativity and motivation you’ll need to achieve your goals this upcoming season.  Part of our spring-cleaning process includes restocking and de-cluttering our stores for you, our equally creative and inspiring customers!  We’re touching up baseboards, dusting shelves and steaming new fashion arrivals all for your benefit.  Our supplies list reads a little like this:
war paint/ Butter London Lippy in Ladybird, check;
armor/perfectly draped Press Sweaters: check;
weapons/H&H arsenal of quirky, fashionable and functional cleaning supplies, check and check! 
 Staffers from all three Hip and Humble Boutique locations share what’s in their cleaning closets as well as how to WIN our biggest giveaway to date on the blog this month.  Think bright colors, crisp springtime scents, non-toxic formulas, and, above all, utterly effective products...FREE!!  Read on to see why we swear by each and every item on the list! And don’t forget to visit the stores for your chance to W-I-N!
First and foremost...Stop in this week March 23-March-29th to enter to Win our new favorite cleaning essential.....Pear Agave.  Not just one but 3 lucky and cleaning determined fans will win our arsenal of cleaning supplies after being truly inspired by this months blog.  No worries, you don't have to purchase anything to enter our cute little drawing, just drop in any location and leave your name and email and grab a few FREE samples of our new cleaning products as you walk through our lime green doors.  We're dying to see your faces and feel your passion to attack your spring cleaning list! 

 Danielle spritzes our new Caldrea scent, Pear Blossom Agave, onto Bountiful’s countertops.  She wipes the non-toxic, essential oil-based cleaner away with a peacock-blue dishcloth.  Danielle wears a mixed-print, halter-style apron, Good HYouman Tee, textured gold earrings and a scarf headband, each available in H&H stores.  
Beth and Adriane know how to keep springtime sweaters fluffy, static-free, and smelling rosy with another Caldrea scent new to our store: Sweet Pea.  Blended with chamomile, bergamot and rose essential oils, this mix is ideal for sensitive skin and little ones.   Beth and Adriane supplement their non-toxic laundry soaps with hedgehog and puffer fish dryer buddies, which combat static and increase energy efficiency.  Beth wears a classic, high-necked apron in a clean floral pattern, while Adriane wears a halter-cut style with a busy paisley print.
 Kadyn conquers dirty dishes in Salt Lake armed with a flower scrubber, red Gloveables and a flirty, ruffled apron.  Our Pear Blossom Agave hand soap and all purpose cleaner wait patiently nearby.  Savvy conservationist that she is, Kadyn knows that she only needs ¼ cup of our extra-concentrated all purpose cleaner for every gallon of cleaning water, and that we offer refills for our glass hand soap containers.    


1)  Whether you’re beginning to plant your spring veggie garden, cleaning your prized fish tank, or simply in need of a reason to take on that sink full of dishes, our Gloveables fit the bill!  In fact, we carry a wide variety of and styles and recommend color-coding your chores.  Grab a yellow pair for gardening, purple for the kitchen, and pink for the bathroom.  You’ll protect your hands from hot water, chemicals, and dirt, and keep your cleaning supplies (and their residue) where they belong. $16.95     

2)   …Is that a dishcloth peeking out from my takeout box?  Why yes, indeed it is!  These quirkily packaged dishcloths make simultaneously unique and useful gifts.  We recommend placing a flower scrubber smack in the middle and letting us work our beribboned, cellophane-wrapping magic on your next housewarming present.  $6.95

3)    “Sigh,” you think.  “If only my scrubbers and sponges complemented my kitchen herb garden.”  Well, even kitchen sinks can be comin’ up roses when you add our flower scrubber to the mix!  Pair this brush with a colorful dishtowel set (like our dishcloths box, also pictured here) for a useful and stylish housewarming gift.  $9.95

4)     Our Pear Blossom Agave spray is flanked by all its new buddies on the H&H shelves: hand soap, lotion, linen and room spray, and all purpose cleaner.  Each essential oil-based product features top notes of melon, apple, ozone and lemon, and makes a crisp, citrusy addition to your cleaning closet.  Our countertop spray works well on any sealed surface, including wood.  You, your family, and all of your noses can rest easy knowing these formulas are safe to sniff.  $10.95

5)     The plant-derived surfactants (the science-y name for detergents!) found in Sweet Pea stain-remover are gentle and mild, yet surprisingly effective.  Apply a few squirts of the treatment to new stains, and allow product to set for at least three minutes before washing.  $11.95

6)     Safe for sensitive skin and little ones, we offer new Sweet Pea laundry detergent in 64 ounce bottles.  One capful handles an average-sized load, and its plant-derived, essential oil-based formula soundly removes odors and stains from clothing.  What’s left is the non-irritating, calming scent of chamomile, apple and mandarin. $21.95

7)     The clean, geometric design of our glass hand soap containers gussies up kitchens Utah-wide.  What’s more, this bottle is a lifer.  We offer hand soap refills to keep your counters looking classy.  Pictured here our fave, Pear Blossom Agave. $21.95

8)     A good apron is like a good painting smock.  It’s colorful, it gets your creative juices flowing, and it’s a piece that you’re not afraid to get dirty.  Each H&H staffer tied on her apron of her choice for the blog this month, and delighted in selecting the cut and design that fit her own unique style and needs.  Come peek through our new shipment!  Prices vary.

9)     Sometimes even our soap dishes need a little attitude.  Here’s a sampling of our 2 oz. luxury soaps and their sassy sayings: “Hey Flawless, when you die I’m taking your shoes,” “I’m here, what were your next two wishes?”  These veggie-based soaps are made in the USA with essential oils.  $4.95

10)  Throw a few animal kingdom escapees in with your tumble dry cycle—both puffer fish and hedgehog lower drying time and save valuable energy with their equally spikey natures.  We’ve also noticed that they remove wrinkles, control pesky static, and generally make our laundry basket a fluffier place.  $7.95

  And there you have it, dear spring-cleaners: the top tools of the trade, straight from the closets of the Hip and Humble clan of Salt Lake, Bountiful, and Sandy.  Stay inspired this spring! 

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